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How to use the brush head in the dispensing equipment

writer:xiaoliu time:2018-02-02 10:32 clicks:
The dispensing needle also called dispensing supplies, is called supplies, because this kind of parts often cause problems in the dispensing process, so most needles are disposable. During the dispensing operation, dispensing needles will cause a series of problems, due to many factors such as congestion, drawing or is the trailing problem, which can not be avoided completely, can only be reduced by a certain way.
Although dispensing needles may cause many problems during dispensing, the dispensing needles are not eliminated but developed better because of their importance in dispensing. In recent years, dispensing needle production technology has been greatly improved, so the type of dispensing needle also happened to turn the world upside down changes, currently on the market there are kinds of needles: precision multi needles, stainless steel extended many types of dispensing needle and TT dispensing needle, needle, Teflon point glue dispensing needle brush etc..
These needles I believe most users have a certain understanding, in addition to the brush point glue needle, then this kind of glue needle brush is what? How can the brush head be used in the dispensing equipment? Below is the method of introducing the brush head for the users.
In fact, from the role of the brush, dispensing needles and other ordinary needle is not much difference, this high quality can be applied to all of the glue guns, pneumatic valve and glue dispensing machine, desktop dispensing machine, but in the choice to avoid the use of glue, adhesive or glue viscosity is strong on the line.
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