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What are the uses of brush needles

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With the recent hot industry need to chip smaller size are more and more used in glue as adhesive products, so also the increasing application range of dispensing equipment, increasing the scope of application of dispensing equipment, but also further promote the rapid increase of the dispensing parts of the production technology, take the dispensing needle for it.
In recent years, dispensing needles both in kind and in functionality have been greatly improved, now on the market there are kinds of needles: stainless steel needles, lengthened to many types of precision multi needles, plastic needles, needles, TT bayonet needles, PP needles, needles and Teflon brush dispensing needles. I believe that many users for the brush needle would ask "what is" dispensing needle brush questions, then the following by the system automation technicians use a brush needle introduced what are?
In fact, use brush needles and other needles are not what difference, is a fitting is used in the dispensing device, in the dispensing process to glue the drainage effect, the difference is that the needle dispensing operation, mainly applicable to large area such as chip dispensing products such as dispensing operation.
At present the product through a unique design, the product has no hair, anti-static, white soft bristles and Huang Yingshua hair two types, no precision molding flash, to ensure accurate and consistent contact glue, fur products, better safety and reliability. It can improve the capacity and reduce the cost. But in the process of use, please note that this brush needle avoids the use of quick dry glue and some sticky glue.
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