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Introduction of the product of mixed plastic needles

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Mixed plastic dispensing needle belongs to a main industry double liquid dispensing needles, dispensing according to industry problems and develop the dispensing needle mixed plastic dispensing needle is divided into static and dynamic, two has some different dispensing needle head, a dynamic type is better than static needles, use the process also abstruse than static needles, needles also need to choose the kind of choice, from the application in the industry.
Static mixing plastic dispensing needle installation form, such as: Several bayonet, bell, thread and so on, in order to be able to engage in the dispensing valve, type dispensing valve is also very much, according to these effects, can get the effect of dispensing more static mix dispensing tube, the effect is fine, ab flow in the rubber tube. The winding along the pipeline, the glue can be more mixed together, let the dispensing effect better.
Dynamic mixed plastic dispensing needle installed the corresponding motor and valves in the MR spiral blade provides the power to make the spiral blade capable of fast rotation, let the glue mixing degree is improved, which is dispensing equipment in order to improve the effect of dispensing, dispensing needles can be used to achieve these effects is selected the dispensing needle, just the dispensing needle is only suitable for double liquid dispensing mode.
The use of these two needles is to solve the mixed dispensing valve is not completely, accessories needles help to increase the degree of mixing, can not only prevent the glue not solidified completely, but also let the glue point more firmly, the quality of the products will become more and more good, choose the dispensing needle is not because have this effect?
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