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Shortcomings and advantages of all plastic needles

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All plastic needles in semi automatic dispensing machine during the period of the fastest, because now the development of automatic dispensing machine has been more mature, many types of dispensing machines are using stainless steel needles, using each dispensing needle is to improve dispensing accuracy, according to the effect of discrimination all plastic dispensing needle disadvantages and advantages respectively. What is, how can the performance of dispensing needle play.
First understand what some dispensing needle is made of plastic, are mixed plastic dispensing needle and disposable needles, TT type plastic dispensing needle, PP full plastic dispensing needle, needle type dispensing plastic or pretty much, choose one as a representative of the plastic dispensing needle is analyzed, on the choice of mixing as the main representative of plastic dispensing needle.
Each dispensing needle has both advantages and disadvantages, advantages, such as: mixed plastic dispensing needle used in AB dispensing industry, can improve the mixing degree of AB and prevent special hose in mucus solidification, easy cleaning, can be repeatedly used, save the cost of the enterprise, using the method of single expenditure, these are plastic dispensing needle the advantage of.
The disadvantage is the single application industry and low performance and low precision, using a single glue, these are in shortage of plastic dispensing needle, or on the market are basically used plastic needles, stainless steel needles, needles better than plastic, can use more amount of glue.
Although the effect of dispensing plastic dispensing needles, stainless steel needles may not be good, but also has unique advantages, to occupy a space for one person plastic dispensing needle, reasonable selection of needles is the right reason, and not according to others which use needles.
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