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Will the viscosity of the glue affect the work of the needle

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A dispensing needle dispensing equipment accessories, dispensing machine is suitable for industry more, in electronic components, LED, semiconductor manufacturing, mobile phone parts, medical equipment and other products will use needles used in these products, the different types of glue, glue viscosity used in some industries is relatively high, drawing, glue phenomenon is easy to appear in the dispensing process, influence dispensing work, and use some glue viscosity products are relatively low, which points out the glue point will be too large, using the amount of gum is not suitable for dispensing, affect the product quality in the production. So when the glue needle is used, will the viscosity of the glue affect the work of the needles?
If the used glue needle is not suitable for the use of glue, it will affect the work of the needles, and it will also have some effect on the effect of the glue. That is to say, it is possible to use the appropriate glue needles to make a regular use of the glue. Then how should we choose the appropriate glue needles?
Because dispensing needles are suitable for many industries, there are many kinds of dispensing needles, for example, stainless steel dispensing needles, double headed dispensing needles, dispensing bending needles, etc. The stainless steel needles and double head glue needles are made of stainless steel, and the service life is long. The pedestal of the pinhead is usually made of plastic material.
Stainless steel dispensing needle can be called a quick drying glue dispensing needle, suitable for UV glue, cyanoacrylate; and the use of double dispensing needle tube design, simultaneous dispensing, dispensing efficiency; top dispensing curved needle head with a precision bending process in the dispensing process not because the effects of bending fluency of dispensing. When the user is selected, the best choice is to use the product according to the requirement of the glue. It is convenient to use.
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