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You need to prepare those before using the glue needle

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In dispensing process, dispensing needles can not only cooperate with dispensing equipment for dispensing work, but also users can choose glue dispensing needles with different inner diameters to control the dispensing quantity of dispensing. From the above, it can be understood that the glue needle is one of the glue dispensing equipment. So what do you need to prepare before using a dot glue needle?
According to the properties of the glue and the dispensing requirements, we should select the appropriate size of the dispensing needles, and avoid the improper size of the inner diameter, which will affect the dispensing effect. Select appropriate dispensing needles, the needle assembly in the dispensing device, can put some glue placed in the pressure barrel, cut off time check whether the pressure bucket glue solidification phenomenon, if there is the phenomenon of solidification dispensing pressure barrel sealing check valve is not good, can tighten or replace flushing the dispensing pressure barrel, avoid in the dispensing process because of the pressure barrel sealing glue solidification effect that dispensing quality etc..
After checking the sealing ability of the pressure cylinder, try again to adjust the pressure of glue back pressure, glue flow rate and dispensing speed. When adjusting the pressure of glue back pressure, we need to adjust according to the requirement of dispensing, avoiding too many glue overflow and affecting the quality of dispensing. After debugging these parameters, try to adjust the position and distance of the needles with the product to avoid the misposition or distance debugging.
The above is a few points that need to be paid attention to in the use of the needles. After using the best dispensing equipment to conduct a cleaning of the dispensing needle, if the use of needles made of plastic can be replaced, if it is made of metal material dispensing needle can check whether the needle of glue solidification phenomenon, if the solidification phenomenon first glue melting, in cleaning next, convenient use.
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