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Solutions to the plugging of the needles

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The dispensing needle belongs to a special curved needles, curved structure which is mainly applied to the special product filling dispensing work, both to ensure the accuracy of filling also strengthened the dispensing control efforts, dispensing needle bending needle most are made of stainless steel, excellent resistance to corrosion erosion, can be used in high industry needs to use, of course, dispensing needles in the use of bending process inevitably there will be some problems affecting the quality of products, when dispensing needle bending is blocked?
The dispensing needle is made by bending bending process, can be used to link dispensing of irregular special products, not glue in the flow process because of the turning resistance caused by congestion, if the blockage may be due to bending the needle dispensing glue caused by high viscosity, high viscosity glue exists characteristics of poor liquidity, the bonding strength, the operating personnel in the use of high viscosity glue dispensing glue should strengthen the pneumatic drive, avoid glue glue inside the plug caused too slow.
When the glue dispensing needle can be blocked in internal bending by heating the solution, the use of alcohol lamp on the surface of the needle pipe heating to reduce the viscosity of the glue curing glue, when heated will reduce the bonding strength of curing glue, the liquidity effect has been further improved, and solve the blocking problem of needles. The blockage of the dispensing needle may also be due to the small size of the gel outlet, so that the glue outlet is too small for the mobile glue to do the glue dispensing. After a long time, it doesn't directly solve the problem of needle blockage. If the demand is higher, the glue dispensing needle should be selected.
The clogging of the dispensing bending needle may also be related to the working condition. If the glue cannot flow coherently during normal dispensing, some glue will solidify and cause blockage inside.
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