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The solidification of the needling needle and the solution

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The pinhead is one of the needles in the glue. However, compared with the ordinary needle, the tip of the dispensing bending needle is curved, but the optional angle of the needle is quite large. There are 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees and other bending angles. When used, they can be selected according to the dispensing requirements and convenient for dispensing. Because of the precision dispensing needle bending bending process in the dispensing process not because the needle bending effect of the glue dispensing needle so smooth, curved solidification phenomenon rarely occur, but in use for some reason make the needle glue solidification, then make the dispensing needle bending factors glue in the coagulation phenomenon are those? When dispensing needle bending is blocked?
The reasons for the solidification of glue in the needles are as follows: the quality of the needles is not good. In the dispensing process, it is easy to coagulate the glue and affect the store's work. Besides the quality of the needle itself, if the quality of the glue is also defective, when glue is dispensed, the glue needle will be blocked because of impurities in the glue, resulting in the phenomenon of glue solidification.
The above is the reason that affects the solidification phenomenon of the dispensing bending needle. If glue is coagulated in the needle, it can use the heater to melt the glue in the syringe, or to replace the dispensing bending needle, so as to avoid the blockage of the needle and influence the dispensing work. In addition to solve the method can avoid the solidification phenomenon, before use to note the following points can reduce the glue solidification phenomenon appeared in the needle, such as: before use check whether the quality of the use of glue and glue bending needle, if not the best change in time, reduce the glue solidification phenomenon; according to the requirements of the product selection the inner diameter of the dispensing needle.
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