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Where can the manufacturer of dot glue and bend the needle b

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The pinhead is one of the bends of the glue. With the same name, the dispensing needle bending needle is manufactured by precision bending industry, the top is curved, and the dispensing process does not affect the dispensing smooth due to the bending of the glue. General users will choose a dispensing needle bending manufacturers in selected needles are optional, but the dispensing needle bending manufacturers more, users may according to the brand, regional and other aspects of purchase in the selection, the following example several curved needle dispensing manufacturers, easy reference.
Takura Toshizawa precision plastic Electronics Co., Ltd.
Takura Toshizawa precision plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in electronic fluid packaging system consumables. The main products are various dispensing needles, dispensing syringes, dispensing machines, EFD needles, etc. there are many kinds of dispensing needles. The main business model of the company is production and processing, the main processing methods are sample processing, drawing processing and so on.
Two, Shenzhen Rong Feng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen City, Rong Feng electronic technology cable company is a wholesale distribution as the business model, is specialized in electronic components, principle of well-known brands, distributors of electronic adhesive. The main products are: static mixing tube, aero rubber, glue dispensing material, glue needle, quick dry glue, stainless steel dot glue needle and so on.
Three, Shenzhen middle system automation equipment Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen in automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R & D and production and dispensing equipment and dispensing accessories manufacturing factory, including dispensing accessories including dispensing valve, dispensing needles, pressure barrels, dispensing syringe, these parts of the types, specifications, size comparison. The glue needles are pinpoint bends, stainless steel needles and so on. When the glue is used, the glue will not be affected by the bending effect. The medium can be made in batch according to the size of the inner diameter of the glue and the angle of the bending.
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