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Effect of glue needling on glue industry

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Glue technology can be used in all the products such as loudspeaker, mobile phone key, power switch, toy production and so on. The use of traditional manual dispensing work in these industries, need to use a large number of labor productivity, the use of traditional dispensing in some demanding products in manual dispensing work prone drawing, glue phenomenon influence dispensing work. Therefore, many industries will use glue dispensing equipment instead of work in dispensing. Dispensing needles are a kind of dispensing equipment. Besides the glue dispensing work, the dispensing quantity can also be controlled by selecting the dispensing needles with different inner diameters. So what are the effects of glue needles on the glue industry?
As mentioned earlier, glue needles can control the amount of glue out of glue. Before using the glue needle, the glue needles can be selected according to the requirement of the spot glue. If the product needs a large glue point, the glue needle with large diameter can be selected for the dispensing work. On the contrary, if the product needs small glue point, the dot glue needle with smaller diameter can be used to spot the glue. Ensure the production quality of the product.
Because of the wide application scope of dispensing needles, there are many kinds of dispensing needles, such as stainless steel dispensing needles, dispensing bending needles, PP flexible dispensing needles, etc. The advantages of these materials are different from those of dispensing. Stainless steel dispensing needles are made of stainless steel. Dispensing equipment using this kind of syringe is faster, and dispensing accuracy is relatively high. The dispensing bending needles and PP flexible dispensing needles are made of plastic material. The dispensing equipment using this material will not scratch the products appearance during the dispensing process, and ensure the production quality of the products.
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