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Is it necessary to keep the glue needles for maintenance?

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The general needles are made from plastic materials and made of stainless steel. The dispensing needles made of plastic materials will not scrape products, guarantee the quality of products, but the service life of dispensing needles made of metal materials is longer, and the quality of products can be improved during dispensing process. It is understood that users should know that every time after use of dispensing equipment, they need to be cleaned or maintained, which can extend the service life of dispensing equipment and facilitate the next use. So as one of the accessories in the dispensing equipment, is it necessary to maintain the needles?
As mentioned earlier, the dispensing needle is made of plastic material and stainless steel material, and the dispensing needles made of plastic materials are generally consumables, which can be replaced again after using or appearing glue solidification. The stainless steel dispensing needle can be reused. When cleaning or maintaining the dispensing equipment, it also needs to clean and maintain the stainless steel metal material. What are the cleaning or maintenance methods of stainless steel dispensing needles?
Before cleaning needles, best to check whether there is stainless steel needle in the glue solidification phenomenon, if the glue dispensing needle in Solidification in the first needle glue melting heater is used, then according to the use of glue suitable detergent, after washing with water will be recoverable residual detergent rinse. After cleaning, can be reassembled, and try to spot glue, can wash or leave residue to blow out, avoid too much residue plugging the glue needle.
The cleaning equipment after cleaning is placed in a clean environment, and the cover can be placed on the dispensing equipment to maintain the cleanliness of the dispensing equipment. If it is not used for a long time, the needles will be maintained at regular intervals to facilitate the next use.
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