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The point glue needle used in the automatic glue dispenser i

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The development of dispensing technology gradually inclined to the direction of intelligence and automation development, to further enhance the selection of dispensing high performance helps to produce quality work, automatic dispensing dispensing technology help execute high quality more, the quality and efficiency of dispensing more in line with the needs of users, dispensing needles as an important parts of dispenser play the irreplaceable important role, high precision dispensing needle glue finer and more uniform, applicable industry work more on the market, there are various for dispensing needles of the users understand the dispensing needle selection criteria will help enhance the value of automatic dispensing machine, automatic glue dispensing needle selection criteria how is it?
Automatic dispensing machine is generally used for use in high demand in the production line, if the user needs high requirement for mass dispensing can choose practical strong stainless steel needles, stainless steel needles have excellent corrosion erosion ability, suitable for various glue dispensing, has a higher working life, the characteristics of the largest stainless steel needles is strong compatibility, suitable for dispensing work in different industries.
The market for special glue dispensing link in and for the dispensing needle, such as Teflon adhesive dispensing needles, amber needles used in UV glue, this kind of special glue if ordinary needle easily affect the normal dispensing effect, so the choice of special needles is very important in the application automatic dispensing machine.
If you need to apply to irregular seam filling process, consider using a dispensing needle curved needle, curved needle glue dispensing needle needle is bent structure, the glue can accurately fill in the demand dispensing position, so that the quality of production of irregular products to be further improved.
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