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Irregular seam filling effect how to solve

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Play an important role in the manufacturing industry production glue technology, which are required to perform the dispensing process on product filling, adhesive, glue, application of full automatic dispensing machine is essential, automatic dispensing function to upgrade product quality and determine the adhesive filling effect, and reduce the input of manpower and material resources cost. The value of the products has been further improved, sometimes the user use automatic dispensing machine seam filling effect can enhance the value of products, in addition to the dispensing problem with the device itself may also have some relationship with related accessories, dispensing machine of seam filling effect difference is how it happened?
The decisive factor is the effect of slit filling needles, high accuracy and fine needle dispensing products to complete filling is correct, so the dispensing needle selection has an important influence on the filling effect, if you choose the larger needles is difficult to accurately align the slit to fill, and the quantity of cement can not be accurately controlled, can be used dispensing needle bending needle for seam filling, dispensing needle bending needle bottom
The glue can not completely fill the slit alignment rules by the bending process, the implementation and effect have more advantages than the general work of needles, and will not be affected by the flow of glue glue consistency turning resistance in the flow of the dispensing process, the quality and efficiency of dispensing security.
Irregular seam filling effect may glue supply pressure and automatic dispensing machine are related, if the pressure is unstable and easily to supply glue glue supply cannot meet the work requirements, so that the filling quality decrease, can be configured specifically to enhance the filling effect of dispensing controller.
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