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The application of the pinhead

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For the dispensing process, dispensing needles plays an important role in it, on the accuracy of alignment is closely related with the glue dispensing needle dispensing needle is made by bending, bending process, accurately aligned product path of glue coating work uniform, in the industry there is a curved needle with different angles for the user, so the dispensing needle curved needle head application what.
The biggest feature is the bottom of the dispensing needle bending curved glue needle can be aligned by turning the glue dispensing, help the operator intuitively perform dispensing, according to the characteristics of which is widely used in filling the irregular slit in the ordinary dispensing needle is difficult to directly influence on the irregular crack paths of execution fill the work; the quality of the products, the use of glue to make curved needle dispensing alignment irregular path uniform spit, two screws at the top so that it can be stable for a long time at the bottom of the dispensing dispensing valve.
The dispensing curved needle head used for filling in many aspects, so it has important application in filling part of electronic components, electronic components must be aligned and not because of the glue dispensing, caused by excessive amount overflow and affect the normal use of partial adhesive glue, curved needle can more accurately aligned product dispensing, compared with the general dispensing the needle internal shape of the front end pipeline of new processing, better to reduce the resistance, thus ensuring a high liquidity.
The syringe needle is suitable for filling material and granular material: filling material and other high viscosity, large particles can also achieve precision glue. The polishing needles are more stable and efficient after polishing, which is suitable for the material from high viscosity to low viscosity.
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