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How to survive the fierce competition in the pneumatic press

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Now, the development of dispensing industry in China is very fast. Especially in the competition of pneumatic pressure barrel industry, the competition among the midpoint glue enterprises is the most intense. How can we stand firmly in this industry and survive?
So let's get to know the history of the industry first? Otherwise, we need to make a question mark on how to survive for a long time in such a competitive industry.
Pneumatic pressure bucket
The pressure bucket is an accessory on the glue dispenser, and its development has an inevitable relationship with the glue making. The glue dispenser was first introduced into China in 60s, and it has a history of decades. When the rubber machine was first introduced into China, most of China's glue dispensing equipment, or the use of imported glue accessories including pressure bucket. And our country began to produce the independent research and development of the pneumatic stainless steel pressure bucket and the glue dispenser. It dates back to 2005. At that time, a large number of private dispensing enterprises and dispensing machine industry in China rely heavily on foreign production. However, China's self developing dispensing machine is not able to meet the needs of manufacturers. From then on, some of the domestic companies that sell the rubber products abroad have begun their own road of independent research and development. At that time, the domestic pressure barrel industry just started, the quality and technology content is far inferior to the foreign products of the same period.
Carbon steel pressure bucket
After ten years of development, now the enterprise China dispensing has its own mature production technology, but now research pressure barrel industry also appeared a lot of resistance, specifically, is the development brought by the cost is too high, currently has developed dispensing technology enterprises do not have a few, but now it too much the number of dispensing domestic enterprises, and the technology gap pressure produced by the barrel they not lead to dispensing product homogeneity serious. Therefore, the phenomenon of price war is very common.
Stainless steel pressure bucket
If we want to survive in such a pressure bucket Market, technology development is particularly important, but the general enterprises can not be studied and produced separately. So we need to finance or cooperate with other dispensing companies. This way of heating can greatly improve the market competitiveness and improve the survival rate.
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