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What type of glue needles are used in the mobile phone indus

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Industrial needles basically is more common, because many industries have used automatic production mode, so the dispensing needle is a necessary product, which can improve the effect of dispensing, a mobile phone industry is one of the examples, for example: mobile phone screen, hand machine keys, mobile phone chip, which requires the use of glue but the domestic research has been dispensing needles, a device can not use needles, but the price is very expensive.
The use of the mobile phone industry needles were stainless steel needles, needles, Teflon plastic seat dispensing needle, the use of needles is the largest stainless steel production process, the dispensing needle is superb, various types of needles, is to meet the production needs of small needle can be used with high precision industry, production process the demand is relatively strict.
Have a greater impact on the effect of dispensing the glue dispensing with the effect of use, although the dispensing valve can control the quantity of cement, but not in the control flow of the glue dispensing needle, glue hole, glue, glue valve using high precision, but the point is not high quality glue, which is dispensing the use of needle method is not correct, especially for high precision requirements of the industry, mobile phone industry needs a dispensing needle dispensing needle is used to Seiko secret agents, so the effect will be better.
The mobile phone industry glue dispensing is not one or two days of things, the use of time is relatively long, need to use what type of needles have probably understanding, otherwise it will not choose stainless steel needles as dispensing devices and its dispensing accuracy can be more exquisite.
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