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What details need to be paid attention to in the use of glue

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Mobile phone industry in the use of needles is a common phenomenon, selection of needles is a kind of technology, according to industry demand dispensing needle selection, to meet the needs of the industry, but in the process of using needles need to pay attention to some details, details decide the product quality, the proper use of a dispensing needle some to make the dispensing effect is more obvious, which is to improve the quality of dispensing use needles.
The use of needles to pay attention to the details, the first dispensing needle size, specification determines the dispensing accuracy of fine needles, large quantity of cement will be relatively large, the use of fine glue dispensing needle size, the glue will overflow glue point range, a large effect of dispensing dispensing needle or small dispensing needle will have the difference, especially in high precision industry, the general use of the dispensing needle diameter only 1/2 point mouth glue.
Used in dispensing pressure is too high or too low will affect the effect of dispensing, dispensing some industries need to use pressure dispensing rated pressure, large quantity, can affect the suction function, choose the right back when dispensing needles, suction glue, back pressure forming and dispensing needles, which can cause leakage problem.
The use of needles still need to pay attention to the flow of plastic problems, these are the details did not do appear problems in mechanical operation is really very important details, as long as no place which steps will affect the effect of dispensing, dispensing effect can easily affect the use of needles, also need to have strict requirements, especially as the mobile phone dispensing needle industrial use, quality of the needle must need strict requirements, can be used in the mobile phone industry.
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