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How is the effect of plastic point glue needling

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The effect of dispensing with the use of needles have a great relationship, because the dispensing needle is directly related to the effect of dispensing, dispensing valve spray glue is directly into the needle, the needle size is related with the dot size, so the use of dispensing needle dispensing needs to meet the industry requirements, such as mixing plastic dispensing needle can meet double liquid dispensing dispensing, dispensing needles according to different industry application.
All plastic needles have shortcomings and advantages, which is based on the use of the industry and the industry of plastic dispensing needle used in a high accuracy demand, it will reflect the accuracy and disadvantage of large amount of glue, if used in a suitable plastic dispensing needle industry, will reflect the appropriate precision and glue loss smooth, the most critical is the use of needles of suitable application industry, the relationship between the effect of dispensing performance.
All plastic needles are generally used for manual dispensing machine, precision application effect of this plastic dispensing needle without high precision stainless steel, the basic application of the manual precision dispensing machine industry is not high, so the plastic dispensing needle is used in these industries, the plastic dispensing needle cheap glue quantity to meet the dispensing industry, this is a plastic dispensing needle, is to use the industry is gradually reduced.
Select the appropriate plastic dispensing needle or a larger role for dispensing, dispensing needles of different industries with different effect or significantly improved, not only reduces the cost, but also be able to complete the production tasks, this is the pursuit of business results, the effect of different needle selection point glue, can make the dispensing effect more good.
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