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The effect of using different needles

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China has developed a variety of dispensing needle, Teflon, stainless steel needles needles, plastic needles, plastic seat needles and so on, these are on the market the more common dispensing needle, the effect is obvious to people dispensing, dispensing effect with different industry demand will be different, according to these effects can arrange dispensing needle the use of the industry, so you can make the dispensing effect to the highest.
Although these are dispensing products in the domestic manufacturing technology of it, but between the dispensing needle is a bigger difference, such as: stainless steel needles with plastic needles compared to the dispensing accuracy of the former is higher than that of the latter, but the latter is the former low price, simple dispensing industry application can choose the former.
All plastic needles shortcomings and strengths is based on the use of industry and evaluation, used in the right industry advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and vice versa, such as mixing plastic dispensing needle used in double liquid glue dispensing, mixing point is double liquid dispensing valve, in order to improve the high speed glue, mixing time is short and there may be uneven mixing, then use mixed plastic dispensing needles can solve this problem, the factors of needles installed inside the spiral leaf, can let the glue in the flow of time, about to play a role of mixed collision.
This is the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, have a great relationship with the use of the industry, the use of needles have different effect is not the same, not all needles have the same function of dispensing needles, according to industry choice suitable for production, improve the effect of dispensing, each dispensing syringe has application industry.
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