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How to order the glue needle for the glue dispenser

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Dispensing needle is a kind of dispensing accessories. Dispensing can be dispensed with dispensing valve or dispensing syringe during dispensing, and there are many kinds of dispensing needles, such as stainless steel dispensing needles, PP flexible dispensing needles, buckle dispensing needles and so on. These needles are made of different materials, such as stainless steel materials for stainless steel dispensing needles, while PP flexible dispensing needles and buckle dispensing needles are usually made of plastic materials. When the needles are selected, the size of the needles will not be suitable for the effect of the glue. What should be paid attention to when the needles are made?
When making customized dispensing needles, users will choose according to the properties of the glue used, the requirements of the product for dispensing, and whether the dispensing equipment is compatible or not, so as to avoid the phenomenon of wire drawing and blockage. For some special glue, such as instant glue, UV glue, the glue solidification speed faster, for the best selection of glue dispensing needle is lined with metal, avoid glue solidification phenomenon appeared in the needle.
There are more manufacturers to customize the needles, and the Shenzhen central automation equipment brake Co., Ltd. is one of them. Compared with the purchase, the customization can not only meet the needs of the users, but also reduce the unnecessary expenses. In addition to the glue dispensing equipment, the glue needles can be used to control the amount of glue out of the glue by selecting the different diameter of the glue needle. So before customization, users can decide the type of dispensing needles, the size and length of the syringe, and avoid the needles not suitable for the dispensing quality according to the requirements of products and the properties of glue.
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