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Application of precision spot glue needle lubricants in glue

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Due to the rapid development of electronics industry in recent years, the use of glue hot industry mainly in the mobile phone and the semiconductor industry dominated more and more, of course, the glue application range extends constantly, but also directly promote the extremely rapid increase in a series of dispensing equipment accessories sales. The rapid increase in market sales at the same time also brought the dispensing the demand tends to be more precise, so the precision dispensing needle and Teflon dispensing needle, dispensing valve has more applications.
But because the precision dispensing needle and Teflon dispensing needle material is special, so the use cost is more expensive, with high cost, so in order to solve this problem, the application of precision dispensing needle lubricant has become represent the general trend of industrial production.
The self-developed lubricant is mainly used for lubrication and cleaning of precision dispensing needles and high-precision dispensing valves. It ensures smooth dispensing, no resistance and no glue, and avoids glue blocking and drawing. The purpose is to save the cost for the enterprise, reduce unnecessary waste, in dispensing needles or dispensing valve Neijiaben lubricant, can save the cleaning agent, cleaning needle, needle cleaning for saving production time, production of products, reduce non-performing rate, while preventing needle wear, prolong the life of the rubber needle use, reduce adverse, improve the production efficiency, reduce bad points.
The dispensing needle lubricants not only have the above advantages and characteristics, but also have obvious advantages in the range of application. The applicable accessories include all kinds of dispensing needles, and some high-precision dispensing valves, which can be well used.
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