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Parameter gauge of pin barrel

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With the increase of the category of dispensing equipment, the use of accessories is also in constant change, take the dispensing syringe for dispensing syringe! As an accessory dispensing device, the glue to transport and storage, with dispensing syringe production technology continues to improve, dispensing needles also added some new features, such as UV and other higher level. So we often see the daily dispensing syringe specifications have those kinds?
The dispensing needle has been called the single needle cylinder, liquid needle cylinder, a needle cylinder, the rubber sealing needle cylinder, a storage barrel, syringes and other types of containers is used for manual or pneumatic save glue dispensing equipment, the parts of the specifications from 3 to 960ml different types.
Below is the technology of classification of dispensing syringe is simple, first, in accordance with the needle cylinder capacity is divided into many types such as: 3/5/10/30/50/55/70/100/170/200/300/340/500/960ML; second in accordance with the color can be divided into: transparent, white, brown (Amber), black, green and red; third, if it is in accordance with the collocation method can be divided into only the needle / syringe piston (two + sets or small suite) / needle + + + piston plug cover (four pieces) / four piece + adapter (full set); if it is in accordance with the appearance and matching characteristics of products can be divided into: according to the appearance and characteristics of supporting products. A: the new American / American / Japanese (EFD), the new Japanese (Musashi syringe).
The different types of glue, the color of the selected syringes are also different, in order to avoid some glue to see the light reaction. Such as: UV glue can choose tea color (also known as amber) glue pin.
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