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The difference between Japan and Musashi dispensing valve do

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There are many kinds of dispensing valves used in dispensing machines. If we want to classify them from the driving point of dispensing valves, they can be generally divided into two kinds: pneumatic point glue valve and electric dispensing valve. The pneumatic dispensing valve is one of the most commonly used dispensing accessories and pneumatic dispensing valve at present, the best quality is from Japan Musashi dispensing valve. They have a very professional gas moving point glue valve manufacturing technology. The double liquid automatic dispensing valve for dispensing with AB, precision ratio pneumatic Musashi dispensing valve stronger. So what is the structure of these two kinds of glue valves in the end?
Double liquid automatic dispensing valve
Japan Musashi dispensing valve, as one of the world's advanced dispensing valve, it will be based on the needs of different users, pneumatic rubber valve production of different varieties. However, the basic structure of this kind of valve will not change much. It is similar to the general pneumatic point rubber valve, such as the cylinder that produces compressed air, the cylinder for precise control of glue, and the material cylinder that can carry glue glue. However, it has added a lot of superior glue function on the original basis, so many kinds of glue valve are formed. For example, high pressure valves with high viscosity glue can be used, leakage proof valves with high precision and stability can be maintained.
Return suction valve
In contrast, the double liquid automatic dispensing valve has two properties, although it only has double liquid dispensing and electric power drive. But this allows it to do the dispensing operation on the product with high precision. Its structure than the Musashi dispensing valve is much simpler, only two stator and rotor parts can be formed. The rotor is revolving around the stator so as to realize the precision dispensing operation.
Double liquid return suction valve
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