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Is there any relationship between the size of the needles an

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The color of the dispensing needle is related to the glue used, and it has nothing to do with the type. The size of the model can only be used. The size of the dispensing needle is not related to the color. Instead, it has much to do with the glue used. In fact, the use of dispensing needles is selected according to the requirements of the industry, while glue dispensing is needed in the industry dispensing. The performance of glue has a great influence on the use of dispensing needles.
The model is decided to use needles in any industry, the color is determined to be able to use what type of glue, there are many different types of needles on the market, such as: zz-01, zz-02, zz-03 and so on, different types of capacity and the quantity of cement is different, decided to use it in any industry, type of glue decided color, such as adhesive can not use a transparent dispensing needle for dispensing, otherwise there will be hardening effect.
Dispensing needle colors and sizes as long as the indirect relationship between the choice of when you need to understand that the advantages of the two, or can not be suitable to use needles, no matter which dispensing needles used are the same, you need to use a lot of production technology, production of needles will be much better, can use the industry there will be a lot of.
When using the dispensing needle need to pay attention to some things, although the color is a little thing, but use is quite exquisite, such as exquisite products produced better, choose good dispensing equipment, you need to have this attitude, or choose the dispensing needle has no meaning.
The difference between the type and the color of the dispensing needle is relatively easy. As long as it is transparent or opaque, the rest of the color is just for the sake of goodwill. Generally, it doesn't mean much.
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