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What kind of glue valve is used for charging the charger

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Mobile phones are available to everyone. When you see the shortage of power, you need to use chargers to charge. Many manufacturers that make chargers use glue dispensing technology to make chargers. When they are dispensing, they usually use precise dispensing valves.
Compound jetting valve
Charger dispensing, use a thimble type dispensing valve, needle type dispensing valve has great features, is at the top of the thimble type dispensing valve, has adjustable micrometer, micrometer is used to adjust water flow, achieve precision dispensing operation, the charger is not to encapsulate the internal dispensing, twenty of the housing because the charger is not installed for dispensing, screw, internal electric core has been rushed up, so as to carry on the use of rubber adhesion
Interactive thimble pin valve
When the best use of the charger dispensing dispensing valve with dispensing needle for precision dispensing, dispensing process if the glue into the internal charger, charging will cause a lot of heat storage core, be produced no place to release heat, eventually lead to mobile phone charger will explode, will be through the long, or direct electrical wounding the explosion
Dispensing should be carried out along the shell when dispensing. If the possibility of glue flow is needed, we need to adjust the dispensing valve. After adjusting, do not hurry to do the dispensing. We need to debug it first. If we feel that we can do the dispensing, we can operate it.
Thimble pin valve
The dispensing valve must be maintained and cleaned even if it does not react with the new glue to produce chemical reaction, light plugging the dispensing valve, and the heavy corroding the dispensing valve directly, so we must not forget the maintenance and cleaning.
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