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Application of thimble glue valve

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Many electronic precision dispensing industry has great demand for dispensing technology. Because of the precision and rapidity of dispensing, we made the thimble dispensing valve.
Thimble pin valve
The thimble pin valve is made up of several parts, such as body, cylinder, micrometer, and so on. Each part has been carefully made, and a lot of tests are carried out in the process of assembly to make the valve fully play the performance and ensure the life, so that it will not have too many problems.
Compound jetting valve
Most of the thimble type dispensing valves are applied to the precise electronic product glue. Because he has a micrometer, the micrometer is used to regulate the flow of the glue. After the adjustment is successful, it can be used with all stainless steel dot glue needles to make the glue. The thimble pin type glue valve also has many kinds, such as the re moving thimble type glue valve, the interactive thimble pin valve, because of the re movement. The thimble dispensing valve is driven entirely by air. It will not cause the service life of the thimble dispensing valve because of the internal spring.
Peg needle valve
In the process of installing the mobile phone, the last step is to stick the cell phone on the mobile phone frame. First, the thimble pin valve is debugged and the micrometer is adjusted. After the adjustment of the thousand points, all stainless steel dot glue needle should be installed. Head, because this needle is also a precise dispensing needle. The maximum error is 0.003 millimeters. The installation can finish dispensing the mobile phone screen.
Micrometer precision dispensing valve
The thimble pin valve should be maintained regularly. In the maintenance process, every component is cleaned. The consequences of no cleaning are the chemical reaction of the new glue and the residual glue in the pin valve, the light blockage of the glue valve and the direct corrosion of the glue valve, so it is very important to maintain the pin point glue valve.
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