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All types of glue are selected by transparent drip gel syrin

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Transparent dripping syringe barrel is a kind of needle barrel commonly used in dispensing industry, because it can see the amount of glue intuitively, so many production choose transparent dripping syringe barrel, the best choice of syringe barrel according to the needs of the product, so as to find the most suitable syringe, there are many types of syringe in the market, such as: Black Gel dispenser, American dispensing syringe, Japanese dispensing syringe and so on.
Needles should be used to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.
Each syringe has certain advantages and disadvantages, we need to make use of the needle to avoid disadvantages, such as: transparent dropping syringe advantages in the intuitive observation of glue flow and glue residue, but not suitable for the use of high viscosity glue and UV curing glue, and black rubber can use UV curing glue. On the contrary, it is easy to lead to the dispensing task can not be completed, according to the requirements of high-quality needle barrel is the most correct method, will not lead to glue barrel.
Suitable glue for American syringe
American dispensing syringe is also a special kind of syringe, the material used is different from the general transparent dropping syringe, can use relatively high viscosity glue, most in line with the use of UV glue, one of the three colors, white, black, tea, the latter two can completely shield the light, the most suitable UV glue Use, the use of transparent dropping syringe, easy to lead to the rubber cylinder glue problem, which is not conducive to production demand.
The use of transparent dripping needle has its rationality, which is why the cost of transparency is lower than that of ordinary colored products, and the secondary use is also particularly in line with the production needs of the device, the rubber cylinder does not glue problem, it is certain that the other two will be more, this is the advantage of transparent products First, the most common type of glue dispenser is the transparent type.
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