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Usage and operation procedure of manual dispensing valve

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The use of glue valve is a very simple knowledge, such as: operating manual dispensing valve for dispensing, first need to understand the use of air pressure, adjust the value of air pressure, open dispensing controller, control glue from the dispensing pressure bucket out of the internal flow, and then control the amount of glue by hand pressure sheet, this is the use of manual dispensing valve. Law.
Two types of rubber valves
Now there are two kinds of dispensing valves on the market, the first manual, the second automatic, automatic dispensing valve is more difficult to use, according to the use of dispensing requirements to configure some dispensing parameters, and dispensing path settings are also required, the use of single-action control valve process is more complex, but can carry out a product. Fan research has the ability to quickly find steps.
Manual dispensing valve
Accessories for manual dispensing
The manual dispensing valve can be used only by installing dispensing pressure barrel, dispensing controller, air pressure source and air pipe. It does not need to use any other accessories, and can also complete dispensing tasks. It also has the glue back-suction function. It is only one less operation control system and some accessories than the automatic dispensing machine, using manual dispensing valve. The operation is relatively simple, you can dispensing according to the wishes of the people, the use of rubber valve is relatively simple, a brief introduction to how to use rubber valve.
Manual dispensing valve
Usage of manual dispensing valve
Single-action control valve is one of the automatic dispensing valve, need to use air pressure in order to achieve the effect of glue back-suction, similar to manual dispensing valve, manual dispensing valve operation method is relatively simple, the pressure can be adjusted to 7kg (if large, flexible operation), and then start dispensing pressure bucket glue use The pneumatic thrust pushes the glue into the valve and then holds the hand pressing sheet to complete the dispensing task.  This is the manual dispensing valve usage and operation process.
Manual dispensing valve
Manual dispensing valve is one of the simplest of all valves, simpler than single-action control valve, all options can also be rubber valve, you can consider manual dispensing valve.
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