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Stainless steel sealed cans leak? There are several ways to

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Stainless steel sealed tank leakage reasons are generally very few, basically made of stainless steel, and has good corrosion resistance, and glue can not corrode to consumables, of course, the probability is low, does not mean that will not appear, because any type of machine will have a certain life, so there will still be a sealed tank leakage Xiaobian briefly introduces some leakage solutions.
Stainless steel sealed cans
Dispensing pressure barrel accessories
First of all, know how many accessories there are in some stainless steel sealed tank, which can help to find the cause of leakage, respectively, pressure regulator valve, safety valve, muffler, sealing ring, ball valve, 2 pairs of wire, gas joints, material joints and so on, which are used in the sealing tank fittings, but also part of the cause of leakage. In the manufacturing process of glue pressure drum, there will be leakage problems due to the inappropriate size of accessories, such as automatic stirring dispensing pressure drum.
Cause of leakage
If the fittings cause air leakage problem, how should we solve it? 1. Replacement of fittings, 2. Enhancement of joint degree, two ways can solve the problem of stainless steel sealing tank leakage, general fittings combined in the dispensing pressure barrel, are bonded by adhesive tape, so that it plays a fixed and sealed role, the use of time process is easy to loosen, will operate leakage, and other. The reason will not appear, and automatic stirring dispensing pressure barrel will have many problems, because the installation of electric agitator, so easy to leak the problem of sealed tank, but the dispensing pressure barrel manufacturing process to think of such a problem, in the processing process has been strengthened to prevent leakage.
Dispensing pressure bucket
Function of pressure regulating valve
Pressure regulating valve is one of the accessories that must be used in the sealing tank. Its main function is to adjust the air pressure. If the pressure regulating valve is not used, it will easily lead to the explosion of the sealing tank. Moreover, the glue control is also helpful to the continuous and stable control of the glue output. The leakage of the sealing tank has something to do with the pressure regulating valve. To control air pressure stability is not easy to cause problems. This is the advantage of making pressure dispenser in China.
Pressure regulating valve
What is the reason for the leakage of the automatic pressure dispenser? If there are damaged parts to be replaced, and then some of the adhesive tape can be replaced with new, do not need to do other things, you can prevent leakage of the sealed tank, which is the advantage of automation equipment.
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