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Application scope and advantages of double component fluid d

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If you want to use a dispensing valve to install and work, you can analyze and study the application scope and advantages of the dispensing valve before we can make proper use of the dispensing valve. So what are the applications and advantages of a double component fluid dispensing valve?
Double liquid large flow spot glue valve
First of all, we first analyze it from the literal aspect. The two components of the dispensing valve clearly show that the dispensing valve is used for dispensing fittings in the precise dispensing of two liquid dispensers. So its application is of course on AB rubber bearing, and achieve precise control, but it can also achieve the same effect of single component glue, so its role not only in the double liquid dispenser for dispensing control, but also in other point glue dispensing machine for precision.
Double component return suction valve
It is precisely because it can be loaded on a double liquid dispenser, so its precision is much higher than that of the ordinary pneumatic driving valve. Because it uses the electric drive form, so that its internal structure is simplified, only the stator and rotor two dispensing parts that require formation of rotor structure has the advantages of simple structure, fast motion, and then use the principle of this kind of structure to allow the rotor around the stator rotation, can realize the precise transfer of glue dispensing machine the.
Double component back suction automatic dispensing valve
It is precisely because the structure is simpler to seal, and its sealing is also relatively strong, easy to spot glue parts replacement. Therefore, it can make the motor rotate, and of course, it can also turn the motor reverse, so as to realize the function of vacuum suction. To solve the leakage of the glue dispenser, improve the cleanliness of the glue and realize the green and environmental glue.
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