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The lubrication of dispensing valve parts should be well don

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The dispensing needle barrel also needs to pay attention to some operation means. Otherwise, it is easy to operate dispensing problems, will also affect the quality and effect of dispensing. Why to choose dispensing needle barrel is also related to the quality requirements of dispensing products.
American dispensing syringe
美式点胶针筒 Reasons for glue not sticking out
The selection of dispensing needle barrel can improve the quality of product and select the appropriate dispensing needle barrel. This can meet the requirements of glue discharge. The factors of glue discharge problem will be greatly reduced. The selection of dispensing needle barrel is one of the five reasons why American dispensing needle barrel does not glue. These reasons are the direct factors leading to the glue valve not leaving glue.
透明点胶针筒 The effect of too high glue concentration
Glue concentration is too high, easy to cause blockage of American-style dispensing needle barrel, for example: transparent dropping needle barrel can only use 100,000 viscosity, but the use of 1 million concentration of glue, which will lead to glue barrel, the use of appropriate glue, is the most important part, to reduce the problem of dispensing needle barrel, glue problem also reduced .
Transparent dispensing syringe
The usage of American dispensing needle barrel also needs to know the glue concentration, so as to reduce the glue barrel does not glue problem, any one is the same, can not use too high concentration glue, this is related to the selection of dispensing needle barrel, using transparent dispensing needle barrel and American dispensing needle barrel, can meet the needs of production. This is related to the quality of the product, and the glue will not affect the quality of the product.
The dispensing needle
点胶针筒 Choosing dispensing syringe manufacturers
In the selection of dispensing needle barrels in particular to find high-quality manufacturers, Dongguan Automation Equipment Factory is a high-quality manufacturer, where the selection of transparent dropping needle barrels and American-style dispensing needle barrels quality is guaranteed, but also to meet production needs, and there are other dispensing needle barrels, but also can recommend appropriate dispensing. Needles, which do not let glue tubes out of glue, happen.
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