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The leakage of the pressure tank will affect the size of the

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The lower dispensing pressure barrel is used to store the thick glue. Because the glue is too thick, it is difficult to use the air pressure to reverse the pressure. It is easy to cause the glue barrel to leak. This is proved by many experiments that the use of the lower dispensing pressure barrel can speed up the glue supply effect. Problem, otherwise good equipment can not finish dispensing.
Mirror lid lift pressure bucket
镜面掀盖压力桶 Basis for glue storage
Glue storage is based on a certain degree. Chinese-made automation equipment produces various types of dispensing pressure barrels, such as mirror cover pressure barrel, piston dispensing pressure barrel, French pressure barrel, lower dispensing pressure barrel and so on. There are at least 30 kinds of dispensing pressure barrels, and each pressure barrel has dozens of different capacities. According to the glue storage capacity can be selected, can not exceed the internal calibration line of the drop-down dispensing pressure barrel, or easy to lead to gas leakage, which is not conducive to production.
胶水压力桶 Adhesive pressure tank
Manufacturing materials for dispensing pressure barrels
Mirror cap pressure barrel is made of stainless steel. If it is installed and used correctly, there will be no leakage of glue valve. Unless the parts are damaged, it has been known that the lower glue dispensing pressure barrel belongs to bottom glue dispensing. Although it is easy to dispense glue, glue storage is too long also easy to lead to glue. Water is corroded to the sealing parts, which is one of the disadvantages of the pressure dispenser.
Causes for leakage of rubber pail
Under the way dispensing pressure glue bucket leakage, there must be a great problem, otherwise there will not be such a problem, all made of stainless steel materials, as long as a small number of accessories are not, so that glue corrosion, so in glue storage, the performance of the use of products are directly related to glue storage with There is a direct relationship between the quality of the mirror and the pressure of the plastic tank.
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