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The lubrication of dispensing valve parts should be well don

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The lubrication of dispensing valve parts should be done well to improve the smoothness of dispensing valve, which is related to the performance of the product. A high-quality manual dispensing valve is better than automatic dispensing in terms of control details, in order to stabilize dispensing effect, machine parts are vulnerable to external influence.
Manual dispensing valve
手动点胶阀 Effect after lubrication
手动点胶枪 If the manual dispensing gun has been used for a long time, without any lubrication work, and then take a manual dispensing gun lubrication comparison, you can see that the maintenance of the glue gun, control glue effect is more delicate and stable, this is the effect of machine maintenance.
Manual dispensing gun
Manual dispensing gun is also a manual dispensing valve, belonging to the same product, but the name is different, are used in the manual dispensing industry, although manual dispensing valve dispensing accuracy is relatively low, the scope of application is not extensive, but for dispensing, how to ensure the effect of dispensing, otherwise the product has a very large impact, easy to cause glue The quantity is short.
Manual dispensing gun
Cylinder burst
手控点胶阀 There is also cylinder burst, which is indirectly related to dispensing valve parts lubrication, lubrication can ensure that the parts will not rust, but also indirectly ensure the quality of materials, so there will not be cylinder burst. Manual dispensing valve can meet the general product dispensing, can conform to the modern production mode, just put the cylinder burst can be, manual dispensing gun although there is no automatic effect, but still dispensing "little expert", but to do a good job of dispensing parts lubrication effect.
Manual dispensing valve
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