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The general reason for gas leakage is that the adapter is no

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  Air leakage of dispensing needle barrel is a common production problem in the process of dispensing glue. The common causes of air leakage of two-component rubber barrel are the incorrect use of needle barrel and the improper selection of adapter. When the two-component rubber cylinder air leakage problems, but also cause other dispensing problems, such as: to speed up the curing speed of glue in the needle cylinder, affecting the glue properties, glue mixing ratio, etc., then what is a good solution to the problem of rubber cylinder air leakage?
Dispensing cylinder leakage

  Solutions to problems arising from improper use of syringes

  From the previous understanding, the use of two-component rubber barrel and the selection of adapters are likely to make the needle barrel leakage problem, since the understanding of the problem, then it is easy to deal with. First of all, the use of needle barrel, two-component glue barrel suitable for all the two-component glue dispensing production work, with two pipes to store two kinds of glue, convenient to complete dispensing production work, in the use of two-component glue barrel, glue mixing ratio is the largest operational problem, and the general two-component glue. The mixing ratio is 1:10, which of course depends on the quality of the glue.
Two component cartridge

  The way to solve adapter selection is not appropriate.

  The dispensing adapter is mainly composed of interface, adapter and pipeline. Generally, it needs manual operation to complete dispensing production. If the dispensing adapter is not properly selected, it will easily lead to air leakage in the needle barrel, which will affect the dispensing effect of the later products. Two-component rubber drum is mainly for dispensing two-component glue production work, then in the selection of the need for two adapters, in the process of selecting adapters, we need to pay attention to whether the type of fittings is consistent, if the joint does not conform will affect the mixing ratio of glue, after the needle tube usage method is also caused by the shadow. Ringing.
Dispensing cylinder leakage
  The selection of dispensing adapter and the use of needle barrel can cause the problem of air leakage in the needle barrel, so the main problems must be solved before use to avoid air leakage problem affecting the normal dispensing application of two-component rubber barrel.
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