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There are several types of regular needles. What are their f

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  In dispensing market, dispensing machine, dispensing accessories are more types, for example, dispensing needle, the market dispensing needle model is more, but according to the production material can be divided into several types, such as plastic needles, stainless steel dispensing needles, etc., then these types of dispensing models have what role?
Flexible needle

  The type and function of plastic dispensing needles

  In the dispensing needle market, there are many types of dispensing needles made of plastic materials, such as flexible needles. This dispensing needle is made of all plastic materials. It is not easy to scratch the appearance of products like stainless steel curved-angle needles when dispensing products. Advantages are made of plastic materials, can only be used once, when the flexible needle glue solidification problems, it is recommended to replace the use of glue to avoid the glue blockage affecting the normal work of dispensing machine. Using this flexible needle can ensure the quality of dispensing.
Needle type

  Effect of stainless steel curved needle

  Compared with flexible needles, stainless steel curved-angle needles are more expensive, but they can be reused. When the glue solidifies in stainless steel curved-angle needles, the solidified glue can be cleaned by heating and melting with a heater. After the water evaporates from the stainless steel curved-angle needles, the glue can be reused. The stainless steel corner needle is different from the ordinary stainless steel needle type. This type of needle adopts the bending technology. The needle tube is curved. It has a certain range of application. When using this type of dispensing needle, we must pay attention to its operation direction to avoid scratching products in the use process.
Stainless steel curved needle
  In the dispensing market, in addition to flexible needles and stainless steel curved needles, there are many types of ordinary needles, but according to the material classification is more common.
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