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How large needles are used in the dispensing valve of the au

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The dispensing valve used on the automatic glue dispenser must be used with the corresponding needles in order to make better use of the good performance of the dispensing valve. So when we use the precision glue dispenser, how much is the size of the point glue needle used for the return suction precision dot glue valve?
Large flow dispensing valve
The problem is related to three aspects. One is the dispensing precision required for dispensing products, the other is the dispensing requirements of manufacturers that need to use glue dispensing products. Finally, the size of the glue is the size of the problem.
Automatic large flow dispensing valve
The size of the dispensing valve needle is in the range of 15G to 35G, but you can also according to your own special circumstances to require manufacturers to customize their needs of dispensing needles, in most cases, what size range has been dispensing enough for a dispensing production work.
High flow precision dispensing valve
When we glue products, will not consciously strict requirements for the dispensing of product precision, so if a dispensing product when no dispensing precision requirement, automatic dispensing valve needle joint we will be in the dispensing valve installed on the aperture of the fine, to carry out the work. This product dispensing dispensing the precision dispensing, dispensing it is the highest of all automatic dispensing needle valve. However, this dispensing needle has a fatal disadvantage. It is because its diameter is relatively narrow, so it is easy to cause glue blockage in the process of dispensing for a long time. It is because of these problems that we will replace the needles of the automatic dispensing valve on the dispenser after a period of time. In this way, we can keep the precision dispensing operation for a long time. However, in mass production, we must use a large aperture spot glue needle for quick glue.
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