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Is tungsten needle used in modern industry?

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  Introduction of tungsten needles

  In dispensing industry, tungsten needle is the needle tube at the top of dispensing needle, and the main purpose of tungsten needle is to point out the glue. In the process of use, the glue output can be determined by selecting the inner diameter of tungsten needle.
Use of tungsten needles
  The tungsten needle used in dispensing industry is a round rod, the main material is made of pure tungsten or tungsten alloy materials, with a certain conductivity, in plastic dispensing needle widely used, but also common dispensing consumables, in the spiral needle application of tungsten needle, internal is equipped with Teflon material needle tube, in the production The application of glue dispensing link can ensure the flow of glue, in the use of the process, can also avoid needle scratch product problems. Is the use of tungsten needles still in line with modern industrial applications?
Spiral pin

  Is the use of tungsten needles still in line with modern industrial use?

  Through the above introduction, we can understand that the use of tungsten needles in the dispensing industry can determine the size of glue, through the internal assembly of a thin layer of Teflon needle tube can also greatly reduce the probability of product scratch, guaranteeing the quality of product dispensing production. In the use of stainless steel needles in the market, because of the deviation of distance, location and other settings, resulting in the problem of stainless steel needle scratch products, so the use of tungsten needles in the modern dispensing industry, industry or a certain range of applications. Tungsten needles are widely used in plastic dispensing needles. The main reason is that the material is soft and can not be used again. This is also one of the reasons why this plastic spiral needle is called a consumable dispensing product.
Use of tungsten needles
  The use of tungsten needles is very helpful to the production of products. It is widely used in plastic dispensing needles, spiral needles and other needles, but it is a consumable product for dispensing, and it is also cheaper in price. It is better to replace the application after one use.
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