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Needle cleaning can increase service life.

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Needle cleaning is a very important part of the gel quality, related to the life of the needle, such as: soft brush needle after gluing, but not needle cleaning, how easily lead to brush needle can not be used again, because glue will solidify the needle, can not be glued out again.
针头清洗 The benefits of needle cleaning
Soft brush needle cleaning is the same as the general needle cleaning, need to clean the glue, after use, the brush needle can be used again, and then use clean water to clean, the above amount of glue are clean, will not affect the secondary use, this is the benefits of cleaning, needle cleaning is also a metal Sample.
Cleaning steps
一次性点胶针头 Cleaning can be divided into one step, because the needle cleaning workload is not large, so cleaning is very convenient, and the use of time is not long, for example: metal needle calibration is also a step, as long as the use of a handle controller to adjust the position can be used, and needle cleaning only needs manual cleaning, this is a special needle. In this way, soft brush needles need to be cleaned manually, and some are cleaned together using machinery, cleaning steps: remove the needles, and then use clean water to clean, simple and fast, some disposable needles can not be cleaned.
Cost effectiveness of cleaning and replacing needles
针头清洗 Metal needle proofreading is to ensure that in the production process will not lead to product dispensing deviation, and needle cleaning is to ensure product quality, cleaning, to ensure needle life, which is why the choice of metal needle as one of the dispensing accessories, not cleaning, the purchase of metal needle cost is too high, generally unable to bear Received, for example: soft brush needles are priced at 3-5 yuan, daily production of more than a dozen needles, the cost is very high, inappropriate industry production theory, needle cleaning can reduce needle consumption.
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