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The main sales direction of plastic pressure barrel in the s

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China's plastic pressure barrel production enterprises very much, the second half of 2017 manufacturing pressure barrels of total, due to manufacturing production, it is expected in the first half of the number ratio will be improved, so we try to understand the direction of sales of plastic pressure barrel at present, is in what industry or what the market share than the largest proportion?
Blue plastic pressure bucket
If you want to know the direction of the plastic pressure barrel, you must know the structure and function of the plastic pressure barrel itself, and the types of the plastic pressure barrel itself. In this way, we can see where it is selling.
White plastic pressure bucket
In definition, the plastic pressure bucket is a kind of plastic used as the main material to carry the glue or other liquid. It was up from the role of classification, can be divided into spray pressure barrel and a water purifier bucket pressure two. The use of plastic bucket up or water purifier pressure barrel, but the number of production of spraying pressure barrels made of plastic can not be underestimated. Effect of spraying pressure barrel mainly, mainly for pneumatic dispensing glue on the pressure generated by the adjustment and stability, and carry on them. The function of the bucket is to load the water resources, and then clean and control the impurities in it.
Automatic mixing pressure bucket
The structure of the two pressure barrels is completely different. But they all have a common feature, and the structure is more complex. If it is in complexity, the complexity of the bucket may be better. This is because the spray pressure barrel is composed of a pneumatic motor, pneumatic controller, safety valve, exhaust valve and other components have more complex systems, and the internal structure of the net bucket automatic cleaning system and disinfection system consists of voltage valve, water level control system, and has a complex control system. So the number of production will be more glue barrel. It can also be seen that in the second half of 2017, the sales direction of plastic pressure barrels can be increased. If there is no problem, the sales volume of plastic barrel will definitely rise to a level, and the sales volume of water pail will remain unchanged or increase slightly.
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