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Glue storage determines the quality of glue. I have a good w

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  In the process of dispensing, glue storage has always been a troublesome production problem, the use of dispensing needle barrel said that the amount of glue stored is relatively small, the need for frequent replacement of glue, which will easily affect the product dispensing production efficiency, if other volumetric storage glue storage, so that glue contact Impurities, glue curing probability is very high, especially in the application of fast curing glue, the probability of curing will be greatly improved. In order to solve this problem, in the product dispensing, glue dispensing pressure bucket to complete the storage of glue.
Glue storage

  Storage of glue with lower pressure dispenser

  Decentralized dispensing pressure bucket is a glue storage container. It can not only store glue well, prevent glue from contacting external impurities, ensure the quality of dispensing production, but also ensure the stability of glue properties and improve the efficiency of dispensing products. There are many advantages to glue storage by using downward dispensing pressure barrel, but some reasons may lead to air leakage in the process of using glue barrel. This may be caused by daily maintenance of barrel, or it may be caused by improper selection of pressure barrel specifications, so the daily maintenance of dispensing needle barrel and The quality of specifications is still very important.
Lower pressure dispenser for dispensing

  The daily maintenance function of the down dispensing pressure bucket

  After dispensing, it is suggested to carry out daily maintenance and cleaning of dispensing barrel to prevent new glue from contacting with residual glue in the next glue storage, resulting in glue solidification problems. Moreover, the problem of air leakage can be checked out by cleaning the lower dispensing pressure barrel to prevent air leakage from affecting the product dispensing quality. The selection of specifications and quality of the down pressure dispenser is also a production problem that needs to be noticed.
Glue storage
  The selection of dispensing pressure barrel specifications can be determined according to the amount of dispensing products, if it is used in the production process, can choose large-capacity dispensing pressure barrel to complete the production work, if it is used in the dispensing process with small glue requirements, can choose small-capacity dispensing pressure barrel for glue storage.
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