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Some silver preparations need special preparation.

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  Silver glue has the effect of conducting electricity. It is widely used in the electronic and LED lighting industry. By dispensing silver glue to the electronic and LED products, the leakage and damage of electricity can be avoided. Just before dispensing these products is the need to do some special preparations, which can ensure that the product dispensing effect to the best state, then before dispensing what preparations need to be done?
Point silver glue

  Preparatory work needs to be done before silver glue.

  In the production of electronic and LED products, the traditional manual dispensing method of silver glue can not achieve the effect of product dispensing, and intelligent dispensing machine has a great advantage in the intelligent aspect, replacing the manual dispensing method. Using dispensing machine to dispense silver glue can save a lot of work costs and improve efficiency, but it needs to do a good job of preparation before using. Single droplet glue valve is one of the important parts of dispensing machine. It can control the glue output. Before dispensing, it can be determined whether the single droplet glue valve is damaged by checking the valve axis, the rubber outlet and the air inlet. Next is the detection of glue, in the LED, electronic silver gel links in all the problems are caused by abnormal glue, so we must pay attention to these problems before ordering silver gel.
Single fluid drop valve

  Single fluid drop valve selection

  There are many kinds of single-component glue for single-drop glue valve. Before applying this kind of glue valve in LED and electronic products, it is necessary to select the single-drop glue valve according to the actual production demand of the product. The selection of single-drop glue valve is relatively simple, mainly according to the viscosity of silver glue and the amount of glue out. Needs to select, in the selection process need to pay attention to whether the valve shaft is damaged, to prevent production problems in the process of dispensing silver glue. When glue is found to have problems, it is best to replace the glue in time.
Single fluid drop valve
  Doing these preparations well before dispensing can improve the dispensing effect, and can avoid the probability of dispensing problems.
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