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Is there a difference between a stainless steel pressure tan

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At present, the glue pressure bucket on the spot glue market can be divided into two categories according to the different use, the pressure tank and the glue pressure bucket.
Carbon steel pressure bucket
The spray pressure is also called pressure dispensing barrel barrel, it is mainly as a pneumatic dispensing dispensing machine fittings for use and produce, because of the pressure barrel is made of stainless steel for most produced. Therefore, it is also called a stainless steel pneumatic pressure barrel. Another tool is mainly used for storing water resources in production and production. This kind of pressure bucket can also be made of stainless steel, also known as stainless steel pressure bucket, because it is larger like a metal box, so it is also called stainless steel pressure water tank. So what's the difference between a stainless steel pressure tank and a pressure bucket?
Stainless steel pressure bucket
First, the stainless steel pneumatic pressure bucket is the most used pressure bucket in the glue dispenser. It has a different function and the water tank is completely different. The main function is to store the glue and promote and stir the glue. Therefore, the internal structure is also more complex, equipped with pneumatic motor, air pressure controller, safety valve, exhaust valve and so on. In addition to the use of stainless steel, the pressure barrel also uses other metals and plastics.
Plastic pressure bucket
But the driving way of the water tank is totally different from the dispensing pressure bucket, because it uses electric drive, which is much more convenient than the way of air pressure driving. Its internal structure is composed of voltage valve, water level control system, automatic cleaning system and disinfection system. The structure is more complex. And the water tank is made of very rich material, not only can use metal materials and plastic, but also can use glass, ceramics, alloy and other 
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