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Reasons for unequal first time sealing

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  The reasons for the uneven sealing of dispensing machine can be analyzed mainly from the internal and external factors. If the uneven sealing occurs in the dispensing process, it will easily affect the quality of the product and improve the bad rate of the product. The reasons for the uneven sealing are introduced for the first time in the following system.
Uneven sealing of dispensing syringe

  Rubber cylinder plug will cause uneven sealing.

  When dispensing machine is used in LED products coated with phosphor glue, if some larger particles are found in the phosphor glue, it is easy to get stuck in the dispensing needle or needle barrel during the glue transportation. If it is directly blocked in the dispensing needle, it may directly cause the problem of no glue. If phosphor glue Particles in the water in the rubber cylinder plug, then there will be uneven sealing when working, then the solution is to timely replace the glue, syringe or needle treatment. The leakage of the cylinder seal is also one of the causes of uneven sealing.
The dispensing needle

  The sealing leakage of the dispensing syringe causes uneven sealing.

  One of the common factors causing uneven sealing of dispensing needle barrel may be caused by improper installation of dispensing needle barrel. When LED products are coated with phosphor glue, if improper installation of dispensing needle barrel causes uneven sealing, it will not only lead to improper sealing. The cause of all these causes the problem of solidification of phosphor glue and the problem of rubber plug.
The dispensing needle
  In LED products coated with phosphor glue, the above two factors are most likely to cause uneven sealing phenomenon, but in the process of product coated with phosphor glue, there are other external factors because of uneven sealing reasons.
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