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The glue dispenser has the impetus to the development of the

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The history of pressure barrel manufacturing and manufacturing history in China is different from that of dispenser production history. Our country began to produce glue dispensers in large quantities in 05 years, and the production of pressure barrels is longer than that. Because the technical level of the pressure barrel manufacturing technology is much smaller than that of the dispensing machine, it has a long history of development.
Stainless steel automatic pressure bucket
If the current pressure bucket is classified according to the function, it can be divided into the glue pressure bucket and the water purification control pressure bucket. The pressure barrel, which is used for pressure control on the dispensing equipment, is also called the glue pressure bucket. So how does the glue dispenser play a role in the pressure bucket industry?
Manual stainless steel pressure bucket
The relationship between the glue dispenser and the pressure bucket is a subordinate relationship, so the relationship between them is mutually reinforcing. The development of the metal pressure bucket in China has promoted the development of the metal pressure barrel in our country, which makes the production of the pressure barrel in our country increase a lot. Secondly, the development of the glue machine makes the type of gas moving point glue more and more, for example, jet pneumatic glue machine, AB glue gas moving point glue machine and so on. This has also led to the existing pressure bucket types can no longer meet the needs of dispensers, so the development of new pressure barrels is imminent, but during this period, many new pressure barrels were born, and the development of pressure barrel industry was also promoted.
Pressure bucket of high pressure stainless steel
The rapid development of dispenser industry not only promotes the development of pressure bucket industry, but also makes the production pressure barrel enterprises get better development. Therefore, there is also the increasingly fierce market competition in this industry.
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