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To understand the factors causing the leakage of syringe glu

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There are many kinds of problems caused by the use of dispensing needle barrel has a direct relationship, the use of inappropriate dispensing needle barrel is particularly prone to glue leakage problems, dispensing accessories currently have a variety of dispensing needle barrels, the same type of dispensing needle barrel and color is different, may occur glue leakage.
Causes of leakage of glue
Overall arrangement of glue leakage factors, first, the type of dispensing needle barrel selection, second, output pressure value, third, dispensing machine operating parameters, fourth, dispensing parameters adjustment, fifth, glue cleaning and so on, these are causes of glue leakage factors, to solve these problems will not cause production Glue leakage affects the dispensing effect.
Syringe cleaning is not clean resulting in glue dispensing.
After using dispensing needle barrel, need to be cleaned, otherwise there will be glue residue, not only for the product has a direct impact, but also dispensing needle barrel will be wasted, not conducive to the use of glue, after use can be used to clean glue, will not affect the second use, will not appear glue leakage.
Effect of removing glue
Degumming agent is often used to clean dispensing needle barrel chemicals, can effectively clean the solidified glue, general manufacturers will adopt this way of cleaning, will not affect the second use of the syringe barrel, the effect is very good, and the price can be acceptable.
Dispensing syringe type
There are many types of dispensing needle barrels, such as anti-ultraviolet needle barrels, which are specially made for non-shadow glue dispensing needle barrels, Japanese dispensing needle barrels, American dispensing needle barrels, silicone dispensing needle barrels, dispensing needle barrels, and so on. These are the types of dispensing needle barrels produced in China, and each type of dispensing needle barrel has some different characteristics. Features.
Ultraviolet-proof needle barrel and glue-dispensing needle barrel have two requirements. First, the pressure can not exceed 4-7 Pa, or it will directly affect the glue leakage is not the stronger the pressure, the more stable the production, general dispensing machine will have a backdraft effect, pressure will be too large with the needle to form a backdraft, which will also lead to glue. Water leaking.
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