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Decryption: the use of high precision metal needle calibrati

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Has the metal needle been proofread? Perhaps you do not know, precision dispensing needle price is relatively low, can not be used in general will be discarded, but this high-precision metal needle is more expensive, learn to calibrate metal needles, the cost can be saved monthly is still considerable, generally a high-precision metal needle price is 1.8 yuan, belongs to the most expensive. The needle.
精密金属针头 The range of precision dispensing needles
The cost of using a large number of high-precision metal needles every day is very high. If you learn to proofread the needles, you can reduce the cost. Generally speaking, precision needles are very small and can only be counted as precision needles if they are directly below or equal to 4 mm. Neither soft brush needles nor some industrial dispensing needles can be counted as needles. In fact, the metal needle is relatively simple. It can be divided into four steps.
Four steps for needle calibration
First, put the high precision metal needle on the dispensing valve, then turn on the fine adjustment system of dispensing machine.
Second, manually adjust the fine tuning system, the precise dispensing needles are aligned with the first point of dispensing products.
Third. Make use of the handle controller to make fine adjustment until the middle point of the first point is aligned.
Fourth, then set up the dispensing program, then you can make product dispensing.
塑料针头 Machine check needle
Metal needle calibration is also relatively simple. If manual calibration is not carried out, the machine can be used to adjust the way, but to buy a machine for how high the cost, but in order to meet the dispensing production, the price is acceptable, but the use of 4mm needles, soft brush needles and some industries. The dispensing needle can be debugged directly by machine. The use of high precision dispensing needle may require machine debugging.
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