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How to clean the paint bucket? Does not affect the quality o

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How to wash the paint bucket? In the dispensing industry, the use of paint barrels, there will be glue residues, how to clean will not affect the second use? This is methodological and exquisite. According to the method given by the neutral system, it can prevent the problem of coating quality from occurring in the second use. What method is that? Let Xiao Bian explain it to you slowly.
不锈钢压力桶 There are two cleaning methods for two kinds of paint barrels.
For example, there are two types of glue, one-liquid glue and two-liquid glue. After the daily work is finished, the single-liquid glue must clean the stainless steel pressure barrel, while the double-liquid glue can consider the hardening time and the deterioration time. The longer the storage time, the solidification or deterioration will not occur, and can be placed in the first place. Two days to use. Separate the glue type, so that you can reduce many special steps and how to clean the glue barrel. This is the prelude to cleaning.
Cleaning method of single liquid paint bucket
After classifying the types of glue, take single-liquid glue as an example. On the front page, the parts of dispensing drum are dismantled. If glue is sticky, clean it immediately with clean water. It can't wait for the glue to be solidified. This will waste ten times of energy and can't be cleaned. Glue is especially easy to clean after contacting with air. Curing, after cleaning the parts of the rubber drum, it is to clean the stainless steel pressure drum, put the glue into the inside of the rubber drum, and then mix to complete the cleaning. This is relatively simple, but the pneumatic stirring point rubber drum is not so clean, how to clean the paint drum? The above is the cleaning method of stainless steel pressure barrel type.
Cleaning method of mixing dispensing drum
Pneumatic stirring dispensing drum is actually easier to clean. Home page is not to disassemble the parts of dispensing drum, but first put glue into the inside of the pneumatic stirring dispensing drum, let glue and cleaning mix, then cover the lid, use mixer for stirring, stirring for two minutes, using high-pressure way to compress the surrounding glue in the pneumatic stirring drum. Stir the bottom of the dispensing barrel so that the pressure barrel can be cleaned.
How to wash the paint bucket? The above two methods are cleaning methods. Cleaning different dispensing pressure barrels according to different properties is beneficial to prevent glue curing. In fact, the method of cleaning the paint barrel is relatively simple, just as you see, there will be no second problem that the paint barrel can not be used.
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