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It can help users quickly solve the plug of plastic rubber c

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The rubber tube plug is one of the more common problems in the gelatinization industry. How to prevent the rubber cylinder plug? The small edition summarizes several methods, which can solve the problem of plugging quickly. No matter which kind of dispensing syringe can be used, it is simple and easy to use. This is our experience of many years of preparation. The use method can be determined according to the degree of plugging of the syringe.
Type of glue
First of all, we need to know what type of glue we use, such as phosphor glue, UV glue and epoxy resin glue. The requirements for each glue are different. For the demand, if we can meet the production requirements, the number of rubber cylinder plugs will be reduced, just like the use of appropriate syringes, such as shadow-free glue. When the rubber cylinder is produced with green or UV glue, the plug problem of the rubber cylinder will rarely occur, which is the most cost-saving method of use.
How to solve glue concentration
Second, fluorescent glue, because the glue concentration is high, it is also particularly easy to solidify, which is one of the reasons for the emergence of rubber cylinder plug, how to solve the glue concentration problem? You can use chemicals and pour them into the hose. Slowly, the chemicals will mix with the glue and destroy the internal stability of the glue. This is one of the ways to solve the problem of glue clogging.
Glue storage tank
点胶针筒 Thirdly, after the glue is used, the glue is used for cleaning, and the glue inside the rubber drum is washed out completely, which will not affect the second use. It is simple and convenient, and the cost does not need to be too high. It is better to save the cost or use this method, whether using epoxy resin or epoxy resin glue. The use of the method can ensure the two use of the UV rubber cylinder or the green rubber outlet cylinder.
Above are two ways to solve the problem of rubber cylinder plug. If chemical agent is used for cleaning, consider the cost. It is reasonable to use this way. Generally, the price of dispensing syringe is relatively low, the cost of using chemical agent is high and unreasonable, so it is not necessary to use this way for cleaning, as long as it is cleared after dispensing. Washing syringe is also a good method.
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