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Can vacuum glue be used for stainless steel needles?

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What are the requirements for equipment using vacuum glue? Which dispensing machine and dispensing accessories are needed to meet the requirements of vacuum adhesive? Since the use of high-grade glue, of course, we can not use some accessories casually ah, so it certainly can not achieve the requirements for dispensing, dispensing accessories selection is also very fastidious things.
塑胶针头 Glue properties determine dispensing accessories
Glue type is the decisive factor to decide whether to produce high-quality products. The dispensing machine is also a product that can be dispensed with glue. Selecting suitable fittings for glue type can improve the quality of point glue. For example, hot melt glue, the dispensing valve with heater should be selected. Vacuum glue needs to use more sealing dispensing valves and machines, such as anaerobic dispensing valves and plastic dispensing needles, can not use stainless steel needles, which will lead to needles and glue bonding.
Stainless steel needles should not be used for vacuum glue.
The use of glue is particularly particular, dispensing machine accuracy and speed can meet the needs of manufacturers, basically can be used, but glue needs to be tested to know how the effect is, and accessories can not be used casually, such as the use of needle converter, which is not necessary, can not be used, because The needle converter uses the same material as stainless steel needle, so there will be abnormal curing.
Dispensable valve and needle
According to our neutral test, using vacuum glue can not use stainless steel needle, only plastic needle for dispensing, needle converter is wasteful, because the anaerobic dispensing valve can be directly connected to the plastic needle, so needle converter is not needed to install, using the neutral dispensing needle. It can also be customized according to the requirements. Usually, the use of vacuum glue will require special precision, so the selection of dispensing accessories is a particularly troublesome thing.
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