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How to pressurize the pressure bucket of the glue dispenser

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The pressure pail used on pneumatic dispensing machine is usually made of stainless steel, but some of the pressure pail is made of carbon steel or plastic. Therefore, the most commonly used pressure bucket is pneumatic stainless steel pressure bucket. When it is used, how does it pressurize the pressure tank of dispensing machine?
Pneumatic stainless steel pressure bucket
If you want to know how the pressure bucket is pressurized, you must know how the pressure bucket is used and the internal structure.
So let's start with its internal structure, because we know how it is used only if we know the structure of it. Most of the internal glue fittings made of the pneumatic stainless steel pressure barrel are made of stainless steel. Its internal structure is composed of pneumatic motor, air pressure controller, safety valve, exhaust valve, glue outlet, glue entry valve, inner barrel and active wheel. Now, as long as we memorize its composition, we can get a clear understanding of how it is used.
Manual stainless steel pressure bucket
So what is the effect of the pneumatic stainless steel pressure bucket on the glue dispenser? Its function is mainly to adjust the pressure of the glue and keep the pressure constant. This method of using the pressure barrel is relatively simple, as long as the glue can flow into the pressure barrel through the rubber valve, and then through the pressure regulating valve for precise control of the glue in the compressed air, to ensure that they are promoting the pressure remains constant, making them out of the same flow pressure glue is the same, so you can let them in the dispensing time, improve the precision of the drip dispensing machine.
Pressure bucket of high pressure stainless steel
Since we know how to use it, the way it is pressurized can also be easily understood. Only the motor that drives the pressure barrel can be adjusted to pressure the air pressure controller.
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